Admin Features

A powerful dashboard that gives you complete control.

Track Progress

Easily access all of the activity going on around your program. Track the progress of employees, the challenges being completed, and everything else happening in your program.

View Analytics

View detailed breakdowns and analytics on program data to help you make better decisions. See employee completion rates, challenge completion rates, engagement levels, and much more.

Launch Programs

In just a few minutes and a couple of clicks you can create, design, and launch programs that become instantly available in the app - all without the help of IT.

Make Instant Updates

Need to make a quick update? Your dashboard gives you the control to make instant updates.

Make your life easier and your programs more powerful

Your admin dashboard gives you complete control and access to all of your programs instantly.


Build and launch completely automated programs in minutes that make it easy to create, drive, and measure engagement.

More Powerful Programs

Create more powerful programs that help you measure, assess, and make better decisions using the data and analytics.

Additional Features

Schedule in Advance

Set up programs to run automatically with advanced scheduling.

Make Instant Updates

You have complete control over your programs. Add, edit, or remove anything instantly.

Export Data

Export various pieces of data so that you can move information between systems easily.

Download Photos

Photo challenges create great content worth sharing. We make it easy to download that content.

Cloud Based

Access everything anywhere, anytime through the web or the app. No messy software installation needed.

SSL Encryption

Our system comes with enterprise-grade security and encryption to keep your information safe.

App Features

Employees use the mobile app to complete challenges, track their progress, and much more.

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