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Employee Onboarding App? Everything You Need To Know

Published January 09, 2019

Companies are always looking for creative ways to introduce efficiency into the employee onboarding process. Onboarding of new hires is a vital component of employee satisfaction and retention, but it can often be difficult to convey vital information in a meaningful way to new employees - this is where technology can come in to make the difference between an effective employee onboarding program, or one that puts your new hires to sleep.

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Hello, Employee Onboarding Apps

Mobile apps have been revolutionizing industries left and right, and this is true about employee onboarding as well. Employee onboarding apps have been developed to ease the burden on employers, engage employees in a more valuable and fun way, and streamline the entire end-to-end process.

Mobile is the medium through which most of your employees are consuming their information. An app that employees can easily download will help increase their engagement level from day one - they’re already using their phone for everything else.

Why use an employee onboarding app?

There are a number of reasons to consider using an app for employee onboarding. Not only does it help guide new employees and new hires in a tangible way through the acclimation process of learning the ropes as a new company, it fosters a positive and engaging environment for them in which to do so.

You want your employees to enjoy a strong start to their time with your organization, and an employee onboarding app helps achieve that reality by delivering a powerful infrastructure for your employee engagement process.

  • Guide new hires
  • Improve the employee experience
  • Speed up acclimation

How Will the App Help?

There are a number of reasons why an app is an incredible tool for the onboarding and engagement process. An app was designed to attract and retain user attention and, in this case, the attention remains squarely on the information you want to share with new employees.

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Timely Content

Apps keep this focus by providing a time-based framework for content development, ensuring that relevant content is delivered in a timely manner for the current onboarding phase. For example, an app allows you to ensure that employees are familiar with the various groups within your org before an employee learns about who to engage for assistance with benefits administration or a time-off request.

Encourage Interaction

In addition to the time component, employee onboarding apps also provide an integrated path to action on relevant learning concepts. Because an app typically uses the camera and microphone recording capabilities of the smartphone or device, employees have a variety of means for capturing fun activities and information throughout their learning journey.

This includes taking creative photos, recording interactions with other colleagues, soliciting substantive feedback, taking quizzes to benchmark learning, and other means of providing information (e.g., surveys) which can be used to further improve your onboarding program.

  • Snap photos for fun and creativity
  • Record videos capturing interaction and providing video feedback
  • Quizzes to reinforce education and learning
  • Surveys to get regular and timely feedback

Role Based Paths

Onboarding apps also come with a higher degree of specificity where user roles are concerned, allowing you to clearly define what track an employee can follow based on his or her role and necessary learning path. This ensures that vital information is seen and processed by those who need it, and no time is wasted on information that isn’t relevant.


So what’s in it for you? An employee onboarding app provides immediate benefits for your new employees throughout the new hire onboarding process, but you also reap the benefits of a streamlined process in a variety of ways.

Increase Learning and Development Opportunities

This includes an increase in the amount of structured learning and development opportunities you can provide to employees (including quiz questions), all without an associated increase in time invested (because activities can be scheduled in advance).

Increase Social Interaction with Teams

You can also facilitate interaction among employees in a more structured but less intimidating way through actions that require employees to engage others for photos, trivia questions, and other similar challenges.

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Culture Acclimation

Company culture is another important aspect of the onboarding process, and an app allows for seamless integration of valued cultural aspects to be pushed to the forefront of new hire onboarding.

Content and actions facilitated by the app can incorporate mission- and culture-related information, forming a stronger path to acceptance within new employees (typically a challenge of the standard onboarding process). Engagement with your organizational values is important even beyond the onboarding process, and an app can support this continued interaction by keeping employees informed and aware of new developments across the company, new employees, and new ways of having fun with others in the organization.

Gamification - Motivate and Incentivize

For those familiar with gamification (the inclusion of fun challenges into a standard process with the aim of making it more enjoyable and impactful) will also see that onboarding apps make this incredibly easy. Gamification ups the ante on fun, and it also offers a wider variety of opportunities for your employees to interact and forge meaningful relationships with their colleagues.

Personalized Paths

Not only can you gamify workflows that have typically been less interesting, you can personalize these processes based on a user’s role or position within the company. This specificity has a dual benefit for both you and your employees, as you can curate information and better tailor everyone’s time and attention.

Personalizing paths through the onboarding and continued engagement process keeps everyone’s focus on critical details and personnel, and this helps facilitate a sense of purpose and mitigates the risk of employee burnout.

Employee Feedback

In addition to what’s been outlined above, there is one additional benefit of an onboarding app that is worth mentioning as a final thought: facilitation of employee feedback.

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Apps provide native and unobtrusive methods for requesting and collecting feedback from your most vital resource: your people. You can ask employees to provide their opinions on the process, challenges, resources, and similar items to ensure that your efforts in the engagement and onboarding space are hitting their intended targets.

Not only can you get more frequent feedback, you can get it in a timely manner due to the app’s inherent convenience factor.

The objectives of your employee onboarding program can be wholly supported in a creative and fun way through the use of an employee onboarding app. However, be sure when you’re assessing your options that you select an app that’s right for you and your organization (keeping in mind everything you want to accomplish and the best feature set for increasing interactivity and engagement in your employee base).



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