An interactive app for onboarding new employees and employee engagement

Improving employee engagement and the new employee onboarding process with an app and platform that drives interaction, education and culture in the workplace.

Happy Customers. Happy Employees.

"Of course, the starting point is to take care of the 'onboarding basics' — such as documentation, compliance training, space, support, and technology. Fortunately, most companies do a reasonably good job with those elements. It's the deeper work of integrating new hires where the real work of bosses begins."

- Michael D. Watkins, Harvard Business Review

Onboarding New Employees

Transform your onboarding process to create a better employee experience.

  • Acclimate faster and save HR time
  • Interactive learning
  • Onboard through tracks and levels
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Employee Engagement

Improving employee engagement through continuous communication, development, and feedback.

  • Continuous learning and development
  • Continuous feedback
  • Measure engagement levels
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Complete challenges. Get points. Earn rewards.

Challenges are designed to drive action around learning, exploring, interacting with others, and more. Points and rewards increase motivation, participation, and make it fun. The app handles it all.

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The Challenges

Interactive challenges that are as smart as they are fun

Mix and match challenges that educate, encourage exploration, create interaction, increase team building, or align with anything else you want to achieve.

Snap Photos

Inspire creativity and memorable interactions with photo challenges. Simply snap, upload, and go.


Provide surveys and get feedback from employees as they go.


Develop, educate, and assess employees knowledge through quiz questions.

GPS Check-ins

Encourage employees to explore or find specific locations and check in using GPS challenges.

Scan QR Codes

Direct employees to scan specific QR codes that can be placed around the workplace, on printed materials, websites, videos, and more.

Record Video

Make it easy for employees to capture their interaction or provide feedback using video.

What can OrgLynx do for you?

Build programs that are improving employee engagement, your onboarding process and your company culture.

Accelerate Employee Development

Accelerate development with programs designed around education, social, and cultural development objectives.

Increase Team Interaction

Encourage employees to interact with their co-workers more to create regular team-building moments.

Strengthen Culture & Values

Consistently reinforce your company’s culture to keep everyone connected to the same mission.

Connect Remote Teams

Help employees feel connected towards a shared company identity using an app that can be accessed anywhere.

Get Continuous Feedback

Get continuous feedback from your employees to keep communication open on a regular basis.

Measure Employee Behavior

Better understand your employees with detailed analytics and data on how they are interacting with the workplace.

An amazing addition to our new hire orientation program!

Gamification & Rewards

Accelerate employee development with gamification

Rewards will motivate employees to do more, faster. Add incentives to your programs with rewards that are automatically delivered right to your employees’ devices.

Increase motivation
Recognition among peers
Celebrate achievement

Know what is going on across teams, departments, and organizations at a glance

Your admin dashboard gives you complete control and access to all of your programs instantly.

Reporting & Analytics

Measure your engagement

Understand where engagement is strong or needs improvement, quantify behavior, and make decisions based on data.

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